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Dictator style...

I don't know if you, like us at Ben P towers, find events in the Middle East a little hard to keep up with. Talk about shifting sands.

There is much anguish about Blair's meeting with Colonel Gaddafi. But so far I haven't seen any column inches devoted to the extraordinary tent in which they embraced. I am glad to see change in Libya. Let us pray for the best replacement. But am I the only person in the world who has noticed this textile? I would like to know more.

Your comments please (for assistance you may refer to Peter York's superb if bizarre book published in 2005, Dictator Style.)

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  • Bronwyn says:

    perhaps by the same hand that was responsible for some of some of those shirts that he favoured around 2003-5.
    Perhaps there was a state sponsored textile workshop ????
    ... those palm trees are wild
    check slides

  • Sylvie says:

    There's a great article on Vanity Fair's website about Muhamar as a fashion icon, but nothing about his talent as a decorator!
    Thank you for your wonderful blog!

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